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It was a cloudy Saturday when my husband and I drove to Fremont looking for a spot to park our car.  10 blocks away we walked towards the event wondering to myself  “why am I so excited to see naked people ride bikes?” – because this would be my first time to witness such parade and I could only feel excitement as I was thinking about If I have enough battery life for my camera (thank God I brought a spare)  We immediately grabbed a bite and situated ourselves close to the parade as possible – I am shorter than most people 🙂  As soon as the naked bicyclists flooded the main road I was busy taking pictures and having fun! Here are some of the “kid-friendly” photos I took that I want to share with you.

“The Fremont Fair is one of Seattle’s most beloved neighborhood street festivals featuring a weekend of eclectic activities that celebrate the quirky community of Fremont, the self-proclaimed “center of the universe.” Held annually in mid-June to coincide with the Summer Solstice, the event draws more than 100,000 people to shop, eat, drink, mingle, groove, and enjoy all manners of creative expression. Artistic highlights include craft and art booths, street performers, local bands, wacky decorated art cars, the free-spirited Solstice Parade produced by the Fremont Arts Council, and many other oddities that personify Fremont’s official motto “Delibertus Quirkus” – Freedom to be Peculiar.” – Fremont Fair website