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I remember the first time I had my Molly Moon’s ice cream; It was my first few weeks in Seattle and my husband was showing me around Capitol hill.  We went inside the ice cream shop and the smell of freshly made waffle cones flooded my brain.  I felt like I was a little kid again, begging my parents for change so I can buy a scoop of ice cream from the ice cream vendor walking around our neighborhood.

Here is “little” me sneaking an ice cream cone from the ice cream vendor (Philippines 1993)  I remember my favorites were the mango and yam flavor, patiently licking my ice cream as I get to my final and favorite part: melted ice cream at the end of the cone.

If you ever visit Seattle, especially during the summer, make sure you grab a scoop from Molly Moon’s homemade ice cream.  They have shops in Wallingford, Capitol hill, Madrona and Queen Anne.  Their flavors rotate with the seasons and you can check their website for more information.  My favorites are: Theo chocolate, balsamic strawberry and honey lavender.

If you visit their cute Madrona store you can also have their “ice cream sandwiches.”  They are to die for! The cookies are so chewy and flavorful, and the ice cream sandwiched between them will melt flavors in to your mouth.   My husband and I are crazy for them; sometimes we would order half a dozen and stock them into our freezer to last us a full week.

When I heard that Molly Moon is going to release a recipe book, I immediately bought one and went to one of her book signing which was in their Capitol hill store.  The book include recipes inspired by the seasons and I can’t wait to make my own ice cream!

Ice cream is one of those comfort foods you get excited about when you were a kid, and they still excite me even to this day when I have achieved something great and felt like a needed to pat myself at the back; ice cream will definitely be my reward.