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Last night, my husband and I went to Uwajimaya to buy some mangoes and Japanese mayo.  We usually go to International District for our dim sum fix but we didn’t really have a usual spot for our sushi cravings, so we went to Maekawa bar which is a block away from the grocery store.

This Japanese pub sits on the second floor of a small shopping center with tall glass windows looking out into another bar/restaurant called Fort St. George. They weren’t busy when we arrived but I’ve heard youngsters and people looking for snack food after drinking populate this place at night. They serve a huge range appetizers or “Asian Tapas, Japanese-style”

One of our tapas was their Takoyaki, a ball-shaped  dumpling made with flavored batter and bits of octopus inside.  It is fried with a special takoyaki pan and topped with takoyaki sauce and shavings of dried bonito.  It is always served fresh and hot out of the pan so be careful when you order one in the future.  Eating this brought me back to when I was still in Manila, eating takoyaki at Samurai foods with my family. Fun memories!

We also ordered Torisenbei, deep fried chicken battered with cornflakes and served with Japanese mayo.  It was so crunchy-good! I guess this is how you get the crispiest crust on a fried chicken: use cornflakes! Will definitely come back and try some other tapas. Itadakimasu!