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Thanks to the Capitol Hill blog, I found out about this newly opened Chinese bakery in the area called “Regent Bakery and Cafe.”  The original location is in Redmond where it has become software developers and artists in that area’s favorite.  That was enough to get me excited and asked my husband If we could go there for dinner. He said yes, of course, saying he had gone to their Redmond location multiple times during his lunch break.

After driving in circles looking for a parking, and forcefully paying $7 for a spot when we couldn’t find one, we went inside the restaurant and was welcomed by a bold glass chandelier and a large space for some serious eating. They have a separate area for dining, the bar and the bakery. There weren’t too many people when we went but their menu looked very inviting – hot pots, chicken dishes, seafood, noodles, soup, pork and beef. I wish we brought the whole baranggay ( village ) so we can try everything out but It was just me and husband so we each ordered something our stomach desired. My husband ordered their Seafood hot pot and I ordered their Honey walnut prawns, with a side of brown rice.

Our order came after 10 minutes and I snapped away immediately, making sure I captured their beauty before we devour and send them down to our hungry stomach. The hot pot lived up to its name and the seafood ( squid, scallops and shrimp) tasted good. It was sauteed with silken tofu and shiitake mushrooms – my favorite part.  The honey walnut prawns were sweet and crunchy, just the way I like them. The servings were perfect too.

Knowing myself and my husband, we just couldn’t end a meal without something sweet. We crossed the dining area and headed for their bakery displaying cakes and cake slices (slices cost 3 bucks and change) We ordered a slice of Tiramisu and Mango cheesecake, and my husband grabbed a package of cookies (forgot the name) from their wall of self-served baked goods and pastries.

Overall it was a good experience for the both of us.  The server was very friendly and we loved their food as well.  We will come back for sure so we can try their other specialties ( and I can take more pictures ) but next time we might just leave the car in the garage. Thanks for reading!